Angelwax Enigma Genesis


Angelwax Enigma Genesis is a unique state of the art ceramic coating, designed for professional application only.

The Enigma Genesis is developed and based on Tetrahedron technology and is unique in its design by using the highest percentage of Si02 ever used in a ceramic coating. Because of this technology the Enigma Genesis coating will not only bond immediately to the surface, but as well to it selves, which automatically creates the highest and strongest cross linked density in a coating ever.

Enigma Genesis brings an extraordinary self-leveling adhesion to the surface, fortified with 3D cross linked pure ceramics, which makes this coating the cleanest and clearest coating available.

The molecular morphology brings hardness and elasticity to the functions of the coating, as well an unrivalled gloss finish.
Enigma Genesis gains by the tetrahedron technology a revolutionary thickness of 10 -25 μm (paint gauge measurable!)  and increasing the ratio of crosslinkers which reinforce and thickens the top layer of the coating.

Angelwax designed the Enigma Genesis with a specific 1 layer application method. This method is different than any other coating applications, but scientifically proven to be the easiest and best method to apply a coating.
Once applied, Enigma Genesis bonds to paint, glass, metal, and plastic at a molecular level. This pure Si based ceramic coating protect your vehicle from weathering, UV-damage, industrial and organic fallout, acids and alkalines chemicals ranging from pH2 – pH13.
An additional benefit from having a flexible layer is that Enigma Genesis is very resistant to extreme heat changes, even from -40 degrees Celsius to +900 degrees Celsius.

Warranty: up to 5 years

Angelwax Enigma Genesis is only available for registered and officially by Angelwax certified Genesis installers .